Wheels of Fortune – Where have all the flowers gone – While in Istanbul

On 7 February 2013 by Carolien Geurtsen

a body has been found in the woods and the Amber alert is withdrawn.[/quote]
This seems to me, being mentioned in one sentence, a very stupid way of nòt coming forward with news while obviously two related thing seems to be leading to only one conclusion. The again bad foreboding I had, like probably so many others, will either yes or no become definite in the next couple of hours or is already so while writing this post.
Utterly disgusting if what another young boy described as `his friend being taken into the woods by a man` is true, and even more so if this has lead to the nightmare of every parent.

And then once more the incredible wheels of life show themselves turning like crayz as finally a text message arrives with mainly possitive news about the operation: Succesful, not malignent from the first tests and gullet/ oesophagus has been completely saved.
So yes, there is an incedible relief and immediate tears.

The above picture is one of the ones I was busy processing while not-waitingly waiting, taken yesterday afternoon during a what I call Photowalk or Urban Wandering with a new dear friend. I explained to her how I am trying to brew my own medicine with blogging as well as with photography and the importance and the necessity for me to keep an eye for beauty, as a medicine to stay able to cope with all the pain and missery which is proving itself on a day to day basis with this In Your Face strategy bad news tends to have while being presented and finding its way to us.

and no, nothing else than the safe homecoming of their son will sooth the parents…
his and all
wish you strength and what is needed

More Medicine here Flickr  and here Urban Wandering Photograpy


for me to be able to concentrate …

and now I fucking cry again for the whole obvious reasons

Leuk om te horen wat jij er van vind. Alvast bedankt!

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