A Good Friday it was, for me

On 26 March 2016 by Carolien Geurtsen

As I will be picked up in one hour, ánd my thoughts and thinking are mostly in English or Turkish these days, today I won’t write the little I will post in Dutch. Also because my teelephone crashed, I lost quite some pictures which makes my mood a little minor. Also I promised to send one to a lady i met on the way wwho asked me to take her picture, but I cannot keep my word now ;-(

Their is much going on in the world, which makes my own little adventures and sorrows look trivial. Their is too much going on in my head and heart to process and structure about all I see, read feel and think regarding the opposite of Peace in the World  and peace at home, – I do not find other words at the moment, that for me it is a privilege to post this statement from someone I think and feel puts his mouth where his heart is and has a lot to say for many people to hear.

British soldier who lost leg in Iraq issues powerful message
A British soldier who lost his leg in Iraq has posted a powerful message to people “expecting racism” from him just because he “got blown up”.For Chris Herbert’s full message: http://bit.ly/21OyRjz

Geplaatst door ITV News op woensdag 9 december 2015

Ürgüp, Cappadocië
And yes, because I am in my beloved Turkey these days, just a little excerpt from yesterdays micro adventures ( a walk to downtown and back). At the same time tremendously enjoying meeting friends and new people but also worrying about the effects on tourism for the local people who seem to pay the highest price for the non-peace in the world and the immage of Turkey.

So also yes, it was overall a Good Friday for me as as I wrote in the evening:

What am I doing? listening to the most beautiful classical music on Mezzo and enjoying a glass of Ayran, my favorite yogurt drink.

Breakfast in Esbelli Cave House, Ürgüp, CappadociëAfter the lovely breakfast of this morning in Esbelli Evi, Cappadocia I took a walk into the city centre of Ürgüp, met with friends, visited Travel Atelier Turkey, and had a great manicure pedicure in my favorite parlor.
After which I did some shopping (including the 2,5 liter of Ayran wink-emoticon and walked the stiff uphill walk back.

U'rgüp, Cappadocië

On the way I was pleased to see some buses from Istanbul touring around in Cappadocië, ofcourse I talked with some ‘strangers’ , both local and from Istanbul, only just escaping from a free eye make-up/over from one of the ladies;-)

I arrived at Esbelli at the same time as Tom Brosnahan did from Istanbul, although my guess is he did not come by bus. We had a quick chat in the corridor, right away on topic as to how it is great to visit Turkey no matter what, and why fear never is a good adviser, the talk to be continued later.

Time for a rest before dinner.

And after a night sleep it is time to meet this new Saturn-day, reminding myself it might be wise to take a raincoat and meet my breakfast and the world around me.

Leuk om te horen wat jij er van vind. Alvast bedankt!

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