Berkin Elvan – may he rest in peace and get justice

On 11 March 2014 by Carolien Geurtsen

– news about the death of Berkin Elvan this morning spreaded fast via Social Media and after that all over the Globe, and thank God also in NL: “gezi protest – Turkse jongen dood” – whereas it was censured away in Turkey as it has been during his comateus life the past couple of months.

His parents requested exactly for that reason of ‘the silence treatment’ that as much as possible people would use their options to let the world know what happened in June 2013 to their then 14 year old son.
It was only yesterday that Berkin was being mentioned here in Justice for Berkin as still being in coma since June 16th a gaz cannister hit him in the face while he was on his way to buy bread for breakfast, and today- at this very moment his funural is nearly a fact.

I just wrote on facebook – while crying after reading a piece in Turkish: Butun ekmekler tas so beautiful ref Berkins youth and life passing away, which I love to find a translation of…to add here

100 years ago that i felt this much longing for a cigaret – 
(or was it six months ago AutiMaatschap Maatschap  ??
Wont smoke one though….

Berkin’s passing away triggers a lot of old and new worries about present and future for kids and youth both known and unknown in Turkey. 
I remember myself in the past while living in Turkey with a little baby and looking into the future this far as the present, fearing events which are happening right now – 
Sometimes I feel my third eye is a curse and a blessing at the same time.
My heart bleeds…

In the mean time in Istanbul the funural is nearing and people are showing their respect

And everywhere in Turkey people are leaving their houses, looking for ways to express both their sorrow, worries and their anger that the guilty ones are not being prosecuted until now…being met earlier today with the same police forces and treatment which was the actual cause of Berkins death:

“Legendary” #Turkish police starts to attack people gathered to commemorate#BerkinElvan at the hospital w/ tear gas.
Via @basakgucyeter

I so hope Berkin’s family can have/is granted the space, time and opportunity to say goodbye to their son tomorrow, in the company they choose and with the dignity they deserve.


Leuk om te horen wat jij er van vind. Alvast bedankt!

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