Bitter News, sweet memories, thoughts and prayers

On 18 July 2014 by Carolien Geurtsen

I would write, and I will, for 5 continuous days – or maybe 7 – about Positive Vibes – 3 per day – thus challenged by my dear niece Sanne Jager-Geurtsen

Today is less easy due the horrific loss of so many lives in the plane disaster yesterday (BBC with eye witnessess) 
as well as the news reaching me shortly thereafter of the invading of Gaza and more killings by Israël of Palestinean civillians.

Horrendous news, next to all what is happening on a daily basis in Syria and many other places in the world, which I find already so incredibly devastating. Yes, our Mad World frequently crawls under my skin.

My sincere condoleances to all family and relatives, some of them still have to get the final verdict of their loved ones having been in that ‘crash’. Much strength in these devastating times!

And yes, there are the Before-that-news-reached-me memories of 3 good vibes on yesterdays Day 2, small but for me significantly nice.

First the WhatsApp message I got from my son with a link to a new music production he made, which I immediately loved and is actually playing right now (for i guess the seventh time as it is quite soothing).
And no, not because he is my son, I am quite critical actually.
With that the news that he is talking with labels, which filled me with great pride and awe at the same time.
This one: is an example of his work but not the one I mentioned here.

The second one is that with all my doubts about this little project, both my invites Monique de Boer and Karin Sueters-Güneri accepted the challenge to do the same the coming days, really wonderful, thank you!

And the third one, how strange this may sound for some, is the joy I felt in the morning working with and looking at some of my own photographs, like the above one, and how my photography is actually supporting me on my path through life.
As I said last year: I finally do have a hobby  and so it is.

I would love to invite Christine Fürst Anita Steenbakkers en Petra Paanento join in any which language and way they like, for a 5-7 days sharing (3) Positive Vibes they met in their day.

And yes, Bitter Sweet memories from that Day where Positive Vibes seem to freeze in time for a long while.


Leuk om te horen wat jij er van vind. Alvast bedankt!

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