Daily Pop Quiz – crazy guys and galls have musical #tweetup in Arnhem

On 11 November 2013 by Carolien Geurtsen

Appearantly there are 5000+ people who since long join the daily online musical  Question Of the Day, posted at 10am sharp (Dutch time)
Me myself I, started I guess 3 years ago to check the website before it would arrive in the Twitter Timeline. And gave up I guess some months later to actually try to answer the questions within a time-slot of 5 minutes, because that’s what the die-hards are doing, and are capable of, for years in a row now, day in day out.
But as it is a lovely bunch of people, without any nasty type of competition, or so I found out on my first tweetup in Stairway to Heaven (was it?) in Utrecht, I kept on coming back for more.


Yesterday was, after Eindhoven and Amsterdam, the 4th time that a small percentage (we were with 21) of all those good-witted folks started arriving at Dudok’s in Arnhem. Even the loss of some bank-cards, which the machines front of house decided to eat alive, did not temper the mood for long. Only the space allotted for us was by far not enough, so yes, sorry guys who were eating their lovely meal at the next table, we were not eager for you to leave but yes we enjoyed not having to be hanging over your plates and disturb you any longer.

IMAG1233_help_dpqI honestly knew only one answer 100% by myself and you may guess which one.  From others I knew sometimes the song, sometimes the performing artist but never the two of them together, let alone the original. It was either on the tip of my tongue, in my ears or on its way to my memory card, but hey, there is always the sharing neighbor or even a googly doo.

To cut a lovely day short in pieces and sound bites, here is an impression, and I am sure there is more to find on the Net if you either follow the #dtptweetup trail or start literally following the @dailypopquiz on Twitter. The Daily Pop Quiz website is here to find.

Have fun, like we had, better still, come and join. Just in time for the next question in 2 hours from now.

In the mean time

Geupload op 24 mrt 2011

CRAM @ Vrije Geluiden 21 december 2008
‘Blues for Penelope’

70 vrije geluiden, 70 dagen lang iedere dag een van de, meest oudere, opnames uit Vrije Geluiden, tot en met 31 december 2013, in combi met een foto en een stukje al of niet lange tekst. De hele maand november zal dat kort zijn omdat ik meedoe aan NaNoWriMo en in die maand een boek schrijf. Op zondag een interview.


Leuk om te horen wat jij er van vind. Alvast bedankt!

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