In Friendship we do real… *Vriend* #WOT 12

On 22 March 2012 by caroliengeurtsen

In friendship  the same values count Friends / Vriend ~ Upstairs my son is talking Turkish with his grandparents, English with his father and in Dutch with my sister, all within 5 minutes. Just like it was untill we left Turkey for Holland, when he was 4 years old…
Only now not IRL, but with Skype, a great way to stay connected.

It is his birthday, and 19 years ago that I was moved into the ER after 26 hours of labour. Pavaroti was playing out loud, and doctors and nurses were scrubbing there hands and getting ready to deliver my son, our son.

The A-Team = friends as family and vice versa

His father couldn’t be there, had to leave  two days earlier to open a Hotel in Turkey. My sister and brother were there to support me,called themselves my ‘A-Team’, and would also accompany me on my/our journey back home, to Turkey, 5 weeks later. During the whole labour we had a hot line, no Skype unfortunately with my husband.
Although seperated, we are still the best of friends, so in honour of this friendship and for the love I feel for my family and friends in Turkey and abroad, today’s blogpost is in English.

Write on Thursday

Today’s theme word of #WOT is ‘Friend’ (Vriend). I guess the ‘offcial’ theme is ment to be written in Dutch, according to a bond I have with Karin Ramaker and other bloggers. Every Thursday she chooses a * Dutch* word and all of us write a blogpost with this word as the  ancker. But as the title is in English, I take the liberty to bend the rules a little bit.

The moment I saw this picture one month ago, I planned to paint the text on a door or a wall  in our house as well.
I simply love it, and it covers about everything in relationships which is important to me.
Timewise it didn’t work out so well, as it was not ready before my son arrived home from Turkey two weeks ago, but there is always something good in something chaotic, so early this morning, his birthday, I finally started.  It needs one more coating, and probably will be ready when the first guests arrive this afternoon.

After I read today’s #WOT theme, I looked at the text once more and I realised that if you replace ‘This House’  for ‘Friendship’, and read it again, it totally matches my understanding and definition of friendship.

Alles is Liefde| Not my typical Sunday | From Turkey with love (Dutch)  | Another Sound (English)

Vriend *persoon die vol genegenheid voor [iemand] of iets is ~ persoon die je vertrouwt en aardig vindt ~ Amice, Bekende, Compagnon, Gabber, Goede bekende, Jongen, Kameraad

18 Responses to “In Friendship we do real… *Vriend* #WOT 12”

  • Alleen al de titel: prachtig . . .

  • mijn indruk is dat het schrijven ,persoonlijk schrijven ,je steeds makkelijker af gaat!
    gefeliciteerd me je zoon!

    • Dank je wel voor de felicitaties! en leuk en interessant om dat te horen, #gemakkelijker afgaat. Dat kan ik zelf niet inschatten, omdat ik dat voor mijn gevoel altijd al erg gemakkelijk doe. ik ben binnenkort van plan een fikse terugleesronde te doen….benieuwd wat me dan opvalt. dank je wel!

  • ikkeonline

    Hele mooie bijdrage 🙂

  • Wow! Mooi! Klein en zo groot(s)! Prachtig stukje van jouw leven!

  • Murat

    Great door, I want one too :-))
    Congratulations on our Son’s 19th Birthday. I waited till 03:52 am this morning just could not go to bed altough was very much needed. Remember 19 years ago the call I got from you and wake up with the great news of Akerman’s arrival. As you are I am also proud father of him and very much apprecaite the friendship we care between. Thinking back today after couple of days awaiting his birth I would not go back to open the hotel, I would not care and others would do the opening. Probably that’s why I stay awake and send a kiss on air for him and wishing well and best for him and his future

    Leuk heh !

    Take care and as you said here or there famil is FAMILY….

    Cheers Caro, and enjoy the day with the big Boy ( KOC )

    • 😉 I woke up at 02.50 = 2 minutes before his birth time and sent you a whatsapp shortly after

      And ofcourse its great fun to do the text yourself on where-ever you want it in the house but I am most willing to come and do it for you… Might even be a nice idea – maybe with a little adaption maybe not.. for the office 😉 In this company / or In this building…
      but maybe Home / House is a nice start – just let me know…

      What a 48 hours that was… and I can relate to what you are saying … If it would be happening now, I would probably, no surely insist on that you would stay to be there ….
      and there you go, we always learn from our experiences… The hotel felt like a baby in those days as well … and we all know how that was not true, at least not ours 😉 and then again, no flesh and blood but sticks and stones…

  • You, my dear friend, walk the talk !! Van harte met je zoon EN met jezelf!! xxxx

  • ik blijf dat een geweldige tekst vinden.

    mooi en lief inkijkje in je prive.

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