Kinship in Friendship

On 29 July 2012 by Carolien Geurtsen

my dear friends birthday

It’s the card I sent to my dear friend U who meets so many challenges in her life, nearly as long as I know her, as we know each other.

The first years of our friendship she was my anchor, my Oprah, knowing so much about the culture of Turkey that she could help me to adjust when I came to live there. We have been very close nearly from the beginning and no she is not a dark skinned lady, neither am I.

But the white skinned hand reminds me incredibly much of hers and then it did not matter anymore that the facts of the picture are not 100 % correct or even close.

I reach out to her, as often as I can, as I have done before and as she did ever so often reach out to me.

Although the ways to describe our friendship will never be sufficient to even come close, she came especially for me flying in to Turkey when I was in need of company on my ravings in the dark of my soul.
And I, I drove her and her baby child all the way to Hamburg and took the train back home that same night as it was emotionally not possible  for her to drive herself .

And now, as well as when I heard the news for the first time, I would love to jump in a train or a plane, every day I have that urge, but I would only be in the way of the current Maelstrom she and her husband are in.

So I send cards, and text messages, and pictures. Not too many, but regular, and mails, in the hope they support her and via that way support him and their little son, in their struggle against cancer.

At first I was doubting, whether it wouldn’t be an extra burden, my input. But she ensured me it is not, and indeed very welcome and that is a great relief as there is so little I can offer and even less I can do.

It was her birthday this week, a day we were planning to celebrate grand, with friends from all over Europe and Turkey flying in.
It will not happen, it might never. But I love to see her soon and embrace her, without there being another reason to meet than that we want to be together, and hold hands.

I love you çok!

Leuk om te horen wat jij er van vind. Alvast bedankt!

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