My first cybercrime – Brad Pitt was a hit and thats the end of it

On 9 December 2012 by Carolien Geurtsen



Writing in English and starting with this fab Dutch song, where Harry Jekkers is singing I love me yeah yeah yeah…
Amazingly I found one with English subtitles, perfect. So first this song to communicate which is the current feel related to the weekly popmeditatie of Steven Gort which I did not listen yet today. And if you think I am talking abracadabra you are damn right. But I feel very good thank you.

I Just sent the pictures from last nights Sinterklaas birthday celebration with (most of) my family, to both sis, ex hubby and father of my son and to my former in-laws who I spoke with yesterday on Skype. I tried to send the pics first via that same Skype this morning- to no success –  and I could not get my message over as the sound on my side of the ocean was not working properly.
To cut a long story short, I typed and they spoke and my sons granny told me her email adress and the pics of their grandson being busy in this complicated way receiving presents from their former neighbour Sinterklaas from Mira, they are now where they are supposed to be.  And if this is al mumble jumble to you – it would be a wonder if not – then read a little more clarification about this crazy but lovely Dutch tradition and melting pot in yesterdays post.

Sinterklaas 2012 presents Caro

We had a happy evening yesterday although 5 from the 7 were coughing and sneezing and we were incomplete. My sis, I mean  Sinterklaas of course, made my day with this set-up Jesus in Bethlehem composition which my Granny used to have in her living room nearly the whole December month. Not the exact same, although I now very much wonder where that one is, but a similar one Sis retrieved in a second hand store, bless her.
Today the Christmas decorations will have to find there way downstairs from the attic.
I, sentimental cow, even love the word attic by now, in that sense that I am happy to have one again, where stuff can be stored, winter and summer cloths, Chrismas decoration and other seasonal things like camping gear, tents and ski-wear.

I deleted my impersonation of Brad – the email adress I created for a kind of April Fool treat. A gift I toddled which made somebody very happy, which always is he question in general, but especially if you don’t know the person in question at all.


Of course, or I must say, fortunately, as not everybody was that lucky, I received a gift from #twittersint my self as well.


I saw the email coming in as soon as I had connection with my provider crossing the cyberspace border from Germany to Holland last Wednesday, but it wasn’t until the 6th early morning that I could open all my wonderful virtual packages, and it were quite many, lucky me.
I received all I asked for and more:

  • A wake up light to make me smile
  • A poem to fall asleep with
  • A storyteller by my bedside
  • The perfect book
  • A picure to make me happy
  • And last but not least a Galaxy Note

and many many lovely words, so thank you @Elleke75 for all your efforts, love and use of creativity for the person who is me but you never met or knew before. Lovely.

More pics



Leuk om te horen wat jij er van vind. Alvast bedankt!

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