2016 – no good intentions only some plans – geen goede voornemens alleen wat plannetjes

On 2 January 2016 by Carolien Geurtsen

DSC_3061 new years eve sm
My year started off really nice and intimate, although the moment itself was a countdown with 5 girls and 3 women screaming their heads of watching the last seconds of 2015 ticking away on the TV clock. Then there were champagne bubbles, tight hugs and best wishes for the year to come, and we took our drinks outdoors to watch beautiful fireworks. Neighbors came closer to extend their best wishes and I became a little sentimental, realizing how many years ago it was that I went outdoors at 00.00 hours on the first day of the year and meet neighbors. Maybe on the bucket list for next year.
Then everybody left into town to meet friends and exchange more hugs and bubbles and I stayed in, tired of a very intense 2015. Happy and satisfied with the peace and quiet indoors and some good music on telly. Not even finishing my 3rd bubbly glass, at 01.30 hrs I rolled into bed for a good night sleep. Silently thanking my host and friend for letting me share in her family life and trusting me with her home and friendship.

Next morning, around 09.30 am driving home on an incredibly empty and quiet highway in a beautiful misty landscape, I started growing into the idea to have a good go at my livingroom. Instead of only doing some cleaning, to start rearranging and move some furniture around. Thus I did. But before that, this was my homecoming scenery

welcome in 2016 day 1

After which I had my cleaning and moving spur to crash on the couch in the late afternoon.
All in all I had a very cozy indoor rest of the first day of this new year, made myself a good plate of sauerkraut and had a good go with Under the Dome season 2 on Netflix.

This all was very good peace and quiet to shake off the roller coaster of the last months and last year of  care taking, ill relatives, soem recovering and some getting worse, it seemed helpful and supportive to make a little structure again. I realised this would do myself a lot of good, while I was playing with some pictures, one of them my own kind of new years wish

welcome in 2016 day 1

While visiting my father, the kids were walking and singing on his street corner, I stopped and asked them if I could take there picture in which they kindly agreed.

So next is of course waking up in the second day…. opening Facebook seeing an item about Happy Jars…

Thank you Elizabeth, your post made me get up at 8 am this 2nd Jan and look for a piece of paper and a jar to get started – extending to hooking into sheets of prezzie wraps I had lying around for some Holiday writing games.
It made me decide to go for a sheet per month, both in order to structure the ritual in that way that it would appeal to my stamina to make it daily one – if laying there on the table appealing to me every day – ánd because somewhere in my very chaotic mind I like the idea that after reading them in 365 days, I can sort them dead easy by month and make a collage – because every month will have another sheet with colorful motives.

So I started folding and tearing the first sheet in 32 pieces, one for each day of the month and some months will have two or three extra ones.

The above, maybe out of conteks is reading like abracadabra – and maybe reason I lost your attention already. – It  is the beginning of what I wrote on Eizabeth Gilbert’s (author of Eat, Pray, Love) post this morning:

HAPPY NEW YEAR…and Happiness Jars!

Dear Ones –

Those of you who’ve followed this page for years know that I have this sacred object in my life called a HAPPINESS JAR. Mine is a big old glass apothecary jar that I found at an antique store years ago, but the vessel itself doesn’t really matter. What matters is what’s inside of it. ..
The rest of this post you can find here: 

I got inspired and continued like this:

My mind was looking for a jar, knowing there was one very much appealing to me standing there doing nothing in the kitchen- until the first warm days in some months to come I will start making my famous Happy water again (water with all types of fruits in it) – so yes, I went to grab it and put in my first – yesterdays – one which I wrote just now: “Tired and satisfied i sat down on my couch in the afternoon, with a good portion of sauerkraut, happy with the furniture rearrangements I made in the living room on this first day of this new year” .

I am very good in enthusiastically starting things and not so good in going through the whole process if it is a long one, and putting the dots, but this way I made it very ‘appetizing’ for myself to keep this one going. So actualy I have gratitude for the inspiration as well – might be my happy moment of this day, but I will keep an open mind as it has just begun.

Thanks again – and to make it more visual a picture

The picture being this one:

DSC_3079 Happy Jar 2016 sm

Leuk om te horen wat jij er van vind. Alvast bedankt!

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