Oe Ro l afterparty – Photo on Tuesday #PHOT 32

On 2 October 2012 by Carolien Geurtsen

Oerol Vrijwilligers AfterParty 2012 © Carolien Geurtsen

 Just before going on stage last Friday evening in the Music Café De Vijfpoort on Terschelling, Ro is taking a picture of his new shoes. Within 10 seconds she will show them to us on stage and take them off again because they are uncomfortable as hell, and start reading poems.

For me this pic represents all Oerol is, has been and can be in the future. All extra- and ordinary is welcome, like it used to be on the carnivals of the old days and is already since 31 years a fact each summer on the Island of  Terschelling: 10 days of Theatre and Music performances everywhere, for young and old, with many a guest returning for the umpteenth time and many a volunteer the same. Good food and friendly people and events, and all within a bikes ride.

@ Oerol vrijwiliigers after party 2012 -  © Carolien GeurtsenRo is in love with Oerol and even his name is in the Centre of  *’Oe Ro l* the word, and he has a tattoo of an Oerol badge on the inner side of his right arm.





Oerol will go to New York for the second time in 2014 and the organiser Joop Mulder past us by to say hi and to have a quick coffee on Sunday morning, on his way to the big apple to continue the talks.

We, 35 volunteers from the 850 who were making the 2012 and festival edition happen in last June,  we were having a 3 day afterparty on Terschelling and it was amazing.
Fun, Sun and a lot of action, rowing, horseback riding, swimming at night in the sea, fireworks, biking, singing and drinking, and not to forget eating and a little sleeping.
And there was the Open Stage to perform on, and there was Hoempa Trash to dance on.
And there were kilometers of bike paths to loose direction in the middle of the night, like I did.
And always there was Jan, from Music Café De Vijfpoort, to host us, serve us endless coffees in the morning, and Juttertjes from noon onwards. Always playing the right music for every moment, and always there for a chat and to talk about life, his or yours.

Thanks Terschelling, for having us, we do love you.
We will be back in 2013 and some of us before!

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