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On 2 December 2012 by Carolien Geurtsen

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For the insiders looking out #Lubeck here we come #sinterklaas2012 #XperiaEverywhere

Thats what I wrote yesterday morning when I made a picture of my luggage with which a was going to travel to a dear friend of mine, who is living in Lübeck. Germany.
The  whole day I would be making pictures, while there was a lot of delay for various reasons, I enjoyed the ´journey as well as the journal in Instagram style.
Here all the undertitles mixed together of the pics I made which are to be found here:


On the way from Houten to Lubeck
Thanks God I catched my International train. And I cannot imagine a worse reason to miss the first one, or rather it was skipped: due a jumper. 


Slowly I am catching my breath. Now while waiting in the train, its (driver?)  Machinist in Dutch, is late, he missed his connecting train due sthat ame jumper.
So much adventure on an early morning,
For this type of stress levels no coffee needed. The adrenaline production is doing alright as it is.

I won’t have to change trains until 2 pm – so that’s 3hrs. left to relax and enjoy the journey.
Read, take pictures, write and chat with my neignours for whom I checked whether they were in the right train.

The train stops. Where are we? In the middle of nowhere is the only thing that is clear.
Somewheren before Amersfoort. The assistant says through the speaker now:
“Ladies and gentlemen. Due to a very busy train station – overload of trains – we are waiting here.
Our sincere apologies”.

I will now have to seriously start checking how much time between my arrival and departure of next connecting-train. It’s an adventure indeed.

“A dirty train is a joy forever”.
This I write when I see this really deep-dirty train standing right next to us on the next station.

I added:  when you are not in it.
I am glad my train is reasonably decent – in this way there is really some fun to take pictures through the windows.
Great to have enough water with me for the journey, now the idea is to also drink it.
Dry mouth, dry lips.

Wonderful those International trains with reserved seats and long long time before change of trains.
Food and water at hand and enjoying to watch people, nature and architecture, to chat and to write.

Now there was a Very Complicated Meet-up with the ticket controller who will in Hengelo make a check out with my OV card in order for me to be able to leave the country without building a debt to the #NS. This as no check out possibility exists to check out on border.
They recommend not even bother to check in on an International – partly that is – train journey.
But there you go, in the letter I received two days ago it was strongly adviced to check in upon departure.

Now here’s a happy girl. One could conclude, the day is barely half way and much food for blogs alreay ready for posting.
In this case the NS really rocks: #service #patience #thinking #professionalism #experienced
As well with this whole silly OV card shit as in – how I can manage to catch my connecting train in Osnabruck.

It turns out that that train has a delay as well and we will gain several minutes on the way, so in the end Iwill have plenty of time. Or so I hope.
We are slowly winning minutes by leaving each station a little more quick than intentionally the idea, so probably iI will indeed be able to catch my next connection.
That’s the advantage of long distance traveling.
Time now for a good glass of water.
Near to all tension is gone now out of my system (which we used to call body in the good old days) so that is good news.
Next to long distance busses this is most relaxing way to travel.  International train.
From Schiphol via Utrecht and my destination Lubeck it will go further to Berlin

Travel is relaxing for the time being.
Thinking of a dear friend in Scotland while I am on my way to another dear friend in Germany.
So damn lucky that she is paying for my journey so we can see each other again after one and a half year, sharing a life time of serious shit between the two of us in the mean time. Both a Burnout more or less behind us, or so I hope; I lost a friend to cancer;  her husband is fighting a malignant cancer of the pancreas – and we all know how difficult that is.
We love each other to bits and always have travelled long distances in order to support each other,  but as well to celebrate birthdays (seven hour drive in Turkey, one way) and New Years, (friend from Scotland came over for the weekend).

This type of friendship means the world to me.

Got a coffee from 3 cabins further and it tastes great.
And I retrieved my mini friend from my luggage in order to give the smartphone the refill she so deserves.

and… My OV card has been brought back by the lovely assistant so I officially am legalised traveling illegal these last kilometers in our country.
This  due a flaw in the system.
Nearing my destination it is a joy to spend some time on Hmburg HBH – Central Station, as it is beautiful, or at least I think so.

In the last train for today there is this surreal pram in the hallway going up and down , which is a strange and bit morbid effect in a nearly empty train.
After the first scare it is obvious that the inhabbitant baby is elsewhere.

Arrived at St. Peters. My next door neighbour for the coming days.
Lubeck, December 1st

PS and all the pics are to be found behind the instagram button above.

Leuk om te horen wat jij er van vind. Alvast bedankt!

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