Ook in ernstige tijden afleiding zoeken in creatie *70vrijegeluiden* CW Stoneking

On 23 October 2013 by Carolien Geurtsen


Om de afgelopen paar dagen mijn gedachten te verzetten heb ik me in mijn creatieve Long Due To Do lijstje gestort en als ik omkijk is het niet misselijk wat er nu op de rit staat.
Mijn vriendinnen zouden het mijn manische kant noemen, mijn ex-man noemt het gefocussed, ik herken me in allebei.
Mijn neiging om eerst voor anderen aan de slag te gaan en dan pas voor mezelf heb ik hiermee grondig doorbroken en ik moet zeggen dat ondanks dat het huis lijkt alsof er een bom is afgegaan omdat ik daar absoluut géén hand neb uitgestoken heb, ik vooral tevreden ben. Alleen de oersterke muntplant heb ik vanmorgen mijn verontschuldigen aangeboden.

3 dagen dorst

3 dagen dorst

Lijstjes van dingen die goed onderweg zijn,

Toen was het gisteren even extra stressen en dacht ik: ik zie mezelf eigenlijk niet meedoen aan de Mandala workshop. Maar het was natuurlijk heerlijk. Straks ga ik Reinier Jonkheer over zijn werk laten praten, op film.
Zin in. maar nu eerst de igers verder op de rit.

C.W. Stonekings & his Primitive Horn Orchestra perform ‘The Love Me Or Die’ in Bimhuis Amsterdam for Vrije Geluiden
Geupload op 17 mrt 2011
C.W. Stoneking – vocals/ banjo, Dan Hammerton – trombone, Steve Grant – trumpet, James Clark – tuba, Ollie Browne – drums

To clear my thoughts from more serious things, I kickstarted my creative Long Due To Do list For the past few days and when I look back, it is quite something what I managed to get done. My friends would call it my manic side , my ex-husband calls it focused , I recognize myself in both.
My tendency to first give my attention and energy to others and only then to myself is at once deeply changed.
I must say that even though the house looks like a bomb went off because I have absolutely not given any attention to the household activiteis so badly needed, I am very content. Only the very strong mint plant I offered my apologies this morning and am still watering it every 10 minutes.

Lists work for me to keep in mind the good things – the bad I know anyway

  • The photo walk in Utrecht, #instawalk030, is  on its feet, reay to go on the 24th of November
  • the # igersutrecht department yesterday also became an official fact, although there are some bits and pieces let to do the #i with dot thing
  • the website Utrecht my City – memories is updated, well almost
  • The memories of my dad, the time he often performed as the Dutch brother of Santa, Sinterklaas, is online as well
  • Linkedin page is updated for future reference – Anyone who wants his or her blogs posts is more than welcome! English is just fine!
  • this blog got some kick as treatment as well
  • my 70 days Vrije Geluiden blog project which includes English is a fact. Everyday a piece of music+text+photo until December 31st. I hope I can stick to my plan. That will be more easy if I know that you are reading it, so yes, great to hear from you!
  • As especially in the winter time friends from abroad have more time end energy to read. If I find an outstanding Translate plug-in, I might try that.
  • my long dreamt dream an English-language blog about my adventures in Turkey while living and traveling, is online.
    Special Destinations Turkey is still in the test phase, so I love to get feedback
  • Last but not least I decided at last to write the book which is in my heart, yes non-fiction about Turkey, but with a twist.  So in one weeks time I start, on November 1st, I join the worldwide NaNoWriMo. Exciting.

Yesterday was a day full of extra stress and I did not think I would make it according to plan, I did not see myself participate in a Mandala workshop at all. But of course it was great. In an hour I have an appointment with Reinier Jonkheer to make a little film about him and his great Mandala objects. looking forward to that but firstget the  igers thing on the ride .

Leuk om te horen wat jij er van vind. Alvast bedankt!

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