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On 2 August 2015 by Carolien Geurtsen

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Enjoying the Amsterdam Canal Gay Pride​ 2015 on TV – I wrote yesterday afternoon on my FB and Twitter, and here is the rest of it:

Amazing to hear in how many countries (75) it is still forbidden to live your live and love out in the open if #LGBT reated, and in 8 countries there is still the death! penalty on homosexuality. Close to home: In an Italian city (Italy the one European country not recognising gay marriages) the mayor recently forbid 25 childrens books in libraries and schools because there were mentions of homosexuality in it.

I am not so very often proud of ‘my country’ in particular, but yes, now I am.

The Canal Gay Pride 2015 is the 20th and the Amsterdam City Council is joining the gay Pride for the 10th year now, which I think is a very strong statement. On it also Turkish people who were met with police violence in Istanbul on the Gay Pride last june. “Ahmet Loves Barış” the leaflet says.

ANd I could not agree more with Henny Huisman: * “The use of ‘homo’ as a swear word should end here and now!
because do not be mistaken the tolerancce in The Netherlands is also not 100% #LGBT proof at all

*I wonder if it is really true that the by genetics Marrocan and Turkish rooted members of our Dutch community or let’s say society are really 20% more homofobic as their VOC mentallity rooted counterparts in NL. Thus was the result of one of the recent researches on this matter.

Leuk om te horen wat jij er van vind. Alvast bedankt!

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