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On 12 January 2015 by Carolien Geurtsen
R.I.P. freedom of speech

R.I.P. freedom of speech

These are the biggest hypocrites celebrating free speech

I myself had ambiguous feelings about this march, growing stronger over the days since it was announced, and yes I did watch 10 minutes before take off, so more or less the view which is shown here in this picture. And knowing what I know about what some of them are responsible for in their own countries, this march yesterday gave me right out the creeps. During the afternoon I just checked my Twitter timeline every now and again if no calamities occurred, and for the tweets from those countries (as Turkey and Egypt and, and and) and other ones, and soon my attention was drawn indeed tot the list developing in the timeline of Daniel Wickham.
He started off with
 “So here are some of the staunch defenders of the free press attending the solidarity rally in Paris today…” 
At the end of the day he tweeted:

Attenders and their ‘damage done’, much of them still going on in their countries, for which they are mostly direct responsible. I, who love science fiction of a certain kind, kept having this fantasy while watching Dr Who yesterday afternoon, that all these hot shots had to put their hand in a machine at the airport before being able to board their private planes home, in which their DNA would be transformed in such a way that they would not be able to be unfaithful any longer to the essence (imho) of such a ‘march’, namely non-violence at all times, no punishments at all for anyone using that basic human right of freedom of speech in the most broad sense. But alas…. At least, I think The Doctor was not in time, so we really have to cope ourselves – But I sincerely hope that some of the stardust of ‘Imagine’ will rub off on all who pull ropes and use their  pens usually for putting down signatures on decisions affecting a lot, a lot of people in their countries in a not so liberating way. RIP freedom of speech, I certainly hope not, but sincere doubts, absolutely.

More Mourning reads:

Great pieces have been written the past few days, this one from Owen Fitzpatrick I think is spot on. We need to talk about Paris and starts of with

Reading time: 4 – 7 minutes


We need to talk about Paris. And Sydney. And Peshawar. To start with.


In light of the disgusting acts of evil committed in these cities, many people on social media share their sympathies with the tragic loved ones of the victims and express their horror at the atrocities. We are also reminded not to tarnish all people who follow the Islam faith with the same brush. Here’s the problem. The way we talk about these events makes this much more difficult. We need to talk about Paris


To encourage ourselves whenever we think we can not make a difference


Some in Dutch
De Paradoxen van het vrije woord – Trouw

En… ‘Je ne suis pas Charlie’: weduwe Charb hekelt hypocrisie na moord op haar man

en zó bewijs je Charlie Hebdo misschien wel de meeste eer – De Correspondent

and yes, i am a sentimental positive thinking and feeling person, very much upset and still beleiving in the good of people, men and women, miracles and stardust


Leuk om te horen wat jij er van vind. Alvast bedankt!

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