Training the Happy Jar thingy is easy – bare with me

On 3 January 2016 by Carolien Geurtsen

New Years happy shoes

In fact, especially on a free January the second day like yesterday, the precious moments are popping up like what have you’s. When the focus is on giving family members a chance to meet each other to exchange new year wishes, have a coffee or tea and a traditional Dutch pastry ‘oliebol’ together, life is quite simple.
Where both aunty and me usually prefer classical music and radio stations, we both hate it when the genre is too heavy on our hearts and soul. This being the case while we were driving, I quickly changed to a local radio station playing Rodger Whitaker. As one of his songs was played on the ceremony we said goodbye to my mother and her sister, I checked if auntie was realizing this and getting affected in a sad way. This was one of his other songs, still not too optimistic, but she did not seem to mind. it is not one of my particular favorite golden oldies but they make her happy and it only took ten seconds for her to join me in a sing along. As always my warm hand frequently squeezed her cold ones in between working the gears. Also as always she commented: ‘how come your hands can be so warm?’ My answer as always was an extra squeeze.

After we visited her sister and brother in law which was a merry reunion, we made the giant leap of 3 kilometers to exchange new year wishes with my father. They were both very happy to see each other. This used to be as frequently as once a week, nowadays due health reasons it is often 4 to 6 weeks in between their meetings.
They are very fond of each other and my father made it a real thing or rather commitment after my uncle passed away, to keep his promise to his good youth friend to take care of her. So since 8 years he and my mother were visiting auntie at least once a week and after my mother passed away he was weekly taking her to my sister to dine.

When I picked up my auntie that morning I had showed her my ‘Enter the New Year with something new to wear Turkish habbit happy shoes“, we had both giggled because I put my feet on the stirring wheel to show them and not as felx anymore as I used to be, I nearly couldn’t put them down again.
We gave my father a ride to his pool club where there was the New Years reception, and seeing him enter the door, slowly walking and fragile looking, I was praying he can stay a good while longer with us. Despite his health condition he is still so very keen on living the Happy Jar Moments life he is such a good example of.

So yes, my Jar moment was the singing together in the car, although arriving home and making myself a darn good chicken soup – which I rarely do – was a very good runner up. A little piece of organic and insallah happy chicken with loads of vegetables and fresh ginger and garlic. Without adding any salt so that it also can be eaten today by my father.

Zeekraal als zoutvervanger
When I asked my friend and supplier of organics at our weekly market if there is anything he can think of to replace salt, apart from spices  that is, he came up with this wonderful stuff called dried ‘zeekraal’, which is a plant growing near the seaside. I have to look up the English name. In its dry form it can be used as salt but is low on sodium, which is very cool for people like us who like the savory. It says samphire
I have a thing with samphire.
 Not because my mum loved it in its fresh veggie fried with onions state like I do as well, but because of a dream after she passed away..

So in summertime the Happy Water Jar for sunny days – is now doubling as a Happy Daily Moments Jar – for a rainy day
DSC_3079 Happy Jar 2016 bg

Today it writes in the agenda ‘lazy at home with maybe a walk in the afternoon day’.
Chances enough for Happy Jar moments.

Leuk om te horen wat jij er van vind. Alvast bedankt!

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