uplifting uplifting uplifting – ik til me een breuk – laat losssch

On 3 February 2014 by Carolien Geurtsen

I am practising
* So all the below are Notes to self *

“When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment; he needs help. That’s the message he is sending.”

Thích Nhất Hạnh

While thinking about one of my BF’s Nr. One Tips & Tricks last night
who advised me to make a good and thorough punchball
[which crossed my mind last week in a discussion on Twitter as well, but I let it slip away ]
[ this due to the H.U.G.E. frustrations I have built up in my system eating my health away on a day to day basis since ever too long now]

{…glimpsing at quote up there somewhere}

– but most importantly, BF also was including the recipy of how to do so – make that punchball

while all this is happening
I am doing my good old Kundalini breathing exercises

[ which must sound to my neighbours like I actually am kicking a real life somebody in the gut]
and do no tbe mistaken by the gentle beginning, which by now I can remember only vaguely.

a good second this exercising, untill either the punchball is ready
or the person in question will come by free will and volunteer
{time to remind myself of the quote again – let go, let go}

While al those letters are shaping into words
in a much too long sentence
which is múch much t o o o long
[…and me just raving]

my prime objective is feeding the soul / my soul / with the good stuff / positive input
Not so much focus yet, so come on Eileen:

This is what worked for me today, from two Best Friends With Dating Advice Benefits:

Quad Dating by 



Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye “An Origin Story”

Sara Kay who i love to death
[ in this case not, I repeat NOT litteraly]

as i do Phil

TEDxMiddlebury – Phil Kaye – Why We Tell Stories

and Sarah once more – probably totally known by you, and yes also to me

If I should have a daughter:

and this is what I do, checking out my playlists if I cannot find my fix online

and no I do not have a daughter, but a niece, and a goddaughter, masallah
and I hope they all watch and get inspired by Kay and Phil and Kevin and Eric and whoever else who has the chance, the ability and the opportunity to create magic truth with spoken and written words, and with just being themselves

and a son, who fortunately arrived back home this morning with ‘only’ a dislocated shoulder
which i am ashamed to say, I was expecting more or less, as he had 3 over the last couple of years,
but this is the mother animal talking in me…
after all these major accidents which happened the last couple of weeks on snowy slopes in far away fairy tale landscapes
I indeed was praying little prayers, let him come home in one piece withoud a head injury…
and thus it happened…
sometimes I hate and sometimes I bless my visions…

and now it is time to dance myself into the next excersice until a Skype chat with another BF, and I am ever so blessed with that many, friends that is, and with Skype for that matter as some are just moving back and forth on the globe
of which the saying bye bye party last night was another sign
back / off to Turkey she is.

Su gibi git çanim.
Orada görüsyörüs insallah.

Not posting yet, maybe never will, and this one is playing…

I need quite some more practise to walk like I am kissing the earth again, so much became clear today,
one day later than yesterday, when I wrote the above and censured it away by not posting it.
But I had a lovely long chat with my Scottish BF, who I happen to know from Turkey but that is yet another story.

Now back to some more Dynamics, which worked out just fine yesterday as well.

and do not be mistaken by the gentle beginnings 😉

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