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On 9 January 2013 by Carolien Geurtsen
Vakdag Vakantiebeurs Utrecht

Tunesie host Vakantiebeurs 2013

As much as I wanted to put Beautiful People here, there has to be this cute Brand New Key song first, cause this is the feeling fighting to get into the first row….
If you want to get my drift you first should click, as it is the near to childlike, innocent feeling which really does support me through some bad moments. Like the one this morning, when the spinach smoothie was squeaking out of the leaking blender, indeed spreading everywhere, or when my bike had a flat tire (same morning no kidding) and the rain is poring out of the skies while I am on my way on this mini bike of my son to my Wednesday morning choir…to arrive completely out of breath ;-(
Well Murphy really feels like a very close friend on those kinda moments… So I re-used my Sally Sunshine picture from last years Pinkpop and wrote om my Facebook page:

Sunnier Days will come again

Sunnier Days will come again

Then there is the immediate need to regroup the emotions after the initial swearing and sighing, or else one cannot get it through the day, so yes, I take this beautiful ,lets call it anthem, at heart, which sometimes really works, at least for me.  It is called: “Fake it till you make it”.. and it really works…ahum… not this morning though…riding my bike in the poring rain, but will try again this afternoon, on the Vakantiebeurs (Holiday fair) in Utrecht…  all these lovely destinations…nice people and delish little mouthfuls

So a quick blogpost before taking off to the Holiday Fair in Utrecht where I will help out a friend for a couple of days… Which absolutely is great fun indeed.
This years ‘Vakantiebeurs’  is hosted by Tunisia so there was the usual welcome on the first day of the fair yesterday, only open for people In the business, and because I have been From the business I was invited to join, which was great fun – Here the rest of the pictures

Yesterday This really daring love story arrived  – by Ronny Edry  –  its about Beautiful and incredibly Brave people and it gave me a lot of energy… So before take-off I’ll watch it once more…

Yesterday I was wondering whether I would be brave enough to post a likewise I-Love_You regarding Kurds, as the Kurdish issue in Turkey is still an out of proportions Issue. And  because I really wish this hate which rules in Turkey against Kurdish people in general would come  to a halt. Terrorists should be stopped no discussion about it, but as far as I can see it from here the matter has grown  now to really Kurdofobic proportions…

Lets stop write here with two Key Notes the other way:

Brand New Key

and Beautiful People in a new key and the original one

Leuk om te horen wat jij er van vind. Alvast bedankt!

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