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On 20 August 2013 by Carolien Geurtsen

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Contact Improvisation Festival 2013 in Deventer

A lady says to Poirot : “There is ever so much undissolved Indigo in your aura”. Poirot replies to her in his own stoic way: “You are so right, Madame, this is indeed a problem”.

Au contraire de Poirot, I think, I dance every morning and loosen up some of my undissolved Indigo, after first writing my Morning Pages, and afterwards flush the dust away with a nice shower.

(From Dansen op de Vulkaan)

Next to the festive and joyful part of filming and taking pictures at the Contact Improvisation Dance Festival 2013 last week in Deventer, it at the same was a huge challenge. As much as I expected it to be so,this due my past experiences the last time I filmed dancing, it still came as a surprise how the intensity of memories overwhelmed me especially when I  myself was dancing in the jams or structures and workshops.
During the last months in the life of a very good and dear friend and colleague body- and energy worker, who himself was a 5 rhytms dance teacher as well, I used miles of non-digi film interviewing him, witnessing his last classes, as well as the farewell party we organised for him and his pupils and friends. At the same time it was ment to be a memento for his wife and students as well as a means to spend some very intimate quality time together, for which I am still immensely grateful.
For his last meeting with most of his students, which we titled Dancing on the Vulcano, we had to kidnap him from the hospital, as we did before to drive him to Belgium, to his classes there, and each time it was a surprise if he actualy would be strong enough for the journey to attend.
I also filmed his last physical dances, which were pure magic, him being a Body Worker and a Healer, while dancing with the cancer raging trough his body, he would radiate and look totally healthy and at peace with himself and the universe.

Shortly after his cremation I was going to travel some time and afraid as I was that I would loose the tapes with film, I  hid them so well that they dissapeared for several years, only to materialise again when packing for moving house. It would take 6 more months to be ready for the process of going through all the material and digitalise everything, and then the moment was there to give a disk drive to his former wife and now widdow. It was a special and near ceremonial meeting.

And one year further there I was, in a Cultural and Sport Centre in Deventer, invited by the organiser, finding myself in the same type of Gym, with the lovely soft green floors, where I had filmed my friend Chris for so many hours.
When Elske Seidel, a Contact Impro teacher from Germany, announced her ‘Underscore’ workshop to be in that Gym, I was so happy and decided to attend rather than ‘only’ take pictures. But dancing itself became too intensive to cope with at that moment and gladfully I found myself a mattress on the other side of the division, so I could still hear the wonderful live music from Lerant and Nathaniël which was being borne ‘next’ door. Because I did not want to dive in fully, this was a nice side-road to process my emotions in  the slow-dance way.

24 hours later, after a whole day playing around with a Mac because my own Windows laptop broke down, and practising making the little vid and some pictures, I attended a Blindfold dance workshop in the evening.
I decided that  as long as I felt also free to call it a night at any moment to come, it would be great to try out the same Gym experience without all the visual input. And yes, It felt also great to be on the other end, not guiding myself, but being guided, from one space into another, from one experience into another, and with deep trust and enthousiasm I jumped in eagerly. Soon to become more careful and honouring my experiences of the dance, my dance…

And o yes, I would have loved to take pictures but at the same time I allowed myself this experience for the full 100% .

The same night I had good, what I call medicine dreaming and an extra 2 hours of sleep, waking up at seven in stead of five a clock, which I can not even remember when that happened for the last time. So all in all a very healing experience.

The making of

Not held back by any form of perfectionism and trying to keep my cool because learning my way around with a Mac was already challenging enough by itself, not knowing the software.  I let myself be guided by my intuïton and a little help every once in a while from some true Mac friends.

So all in all I could keep my Inner Critic minding her own business, reading an inner telephone book as I like to order her to do so in these cases of probable chance for inner stress.

I love the result, am pleased with it, and was therefore also very pleased with the comments from our cook Monique, who frequently stopped with whatever she was preparing in the kitchen, to come and watch on the flatscreen what I was doing, and liking it. That was great coming from a person who frequently stated she was not liking dance at all, which she ever so often had repeated to me. She loved it, both the choices I made with light, as well as the total.

So technically imperfect as  it may be, it was and is great fun, and I thank Hans and Coco, the dansers, for giving me this opportunity. Maybe I will put some music underneath from either Lerant, Nathaniel or David, the musicians who were there, but me myself and I were thinking it sufficient to give an impression of what Contact Impro is and can become, in all its intimacy, integrity, playful and sometimes acrobatic side paths.

Thanks for the invitation Hans!
And thank you every body and being present, for biding with me and letting me come so close to you!

Contact Impro Festival 2013 | Dansen op de Vulkaan | Elske Seidel


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